Wilmington, DE and Reading, PA (1918)
Statistics compiled by Mike Nola for the Virtual Hall of Fame.

Batting Statistics
Wilmington/Reading - Opponent
Steelton, PA21Thursday May 30, 19181B30011100.000
@ Sparrow's Point (MD)51Saturday June 1, 1918CF4121000.500
@ Lebanon, PA40Saturday June 8, 1918CF4221000.500
Fore River (MA)42Saturday June 15, 1918CF4101000.000
@ Bethlehem, PA01Saturday June 22, 1918CF4014000.250
Sparrow's Point (MD)57Saturday June 29, 1918CF4034000.750
@ Steelton, PA14Thursday July 4, 1918CF4022000.500
@ Steelton, PA02Thursday July 4, 1918CF3017000.333
Lebanon, PA94Saturday July 6, 1918CF4011000.250
@ Fore River (MA)07Saturday July 13, 1918CF4011000.250
(a) Camp Crane (PA)42Sunday July 14, 1918CF4112000.250
Bethlehem, PA21Saturday July 20, 1918CF3013000.333
(a) Receiving Ship54Sunday July 21, 1918CF5010000.200
@ Sparrow's Point (MD)31Saturday July 27, 1918CF3013000.333
(a) New York Ship87Sunday July 28, 1918CF5232000.600
@ Lebanon, PA23Saturday August 3, 1918CF4012000.250
(a) Warwick A. A.61Sunday August 4, 1918CF3224000.667
Fore River (MA)75Saturday August 10, 1918CF4024100.500
(a) Chester Ship31Sunday August 11, 1918CF2120001.000
Bethlehem, PA12Saturday August 17, 1918CF4025100.500
(a) Cost Accounting01Sunday August 18, 1918CF2002000.000
U.S. Naval Reserves60Saturday August 24, 1918CF4222000.500
(a) Hog Island310Sunday August 25, 1918CF5113000.200
@ New York Ship50Wednesday August 28, 1918CF3212000.333
Sparrow's Point (MD)41Saturday August 31, 1918CF4330000.750
(a) Naval Air Fleet103Sunday September 1, 1918CF5223000.400
Steelton, PA23Monday September 2, 1918CF5013000.200
(b), (d) Standard (NY)32Saturday September 7, 1918PH1010001.000
(b), (c), (d) Standard (NY)20Sunday September 8, 1918--------------N/A
(d), (e) Standard (NY)40Saturday September 14, 1918RF4231000.750
(a) R.G. Dun & Co.191Sunday September 15, 1918CF6441100.667
(f) Gallopers10Saturday September 21, 1918CF4011000.250
(a) Harlan65 Sunday September 29, 1918CF3121000.500
Season TotalsWon 23Lost 10121275077100.413

(a) Joe played for the Reading (PA) Steel Casting team. Joe was loaned by the Harlan Shipbuilders management as a moral booster.
(b) Joe had an injured ankle and was only used in the ninth inning as a pinch hitter and did his job getting a single out of his time at bat. Ike Smith was called in to pinch run for Jackson.
(c) Joe was unable to play in this game due to the injury to his ankle.
(d) The games against the Standard Shipbuilders from New York were played for the Steel League Championship. Harlan won all three games and claimed the Coxe Trophy.
(e) This game was played at the Philadelphia Phillies Shibe Park. During this game, Joe hit two home runs, after the second home run, the fans went crazy and showered Joe with money. The paper said Joe spent over 5 minutes walking to the various boxes and collecting the bills being handed out by the fans in honor of his second home run. Once he collected all the bills, he walked to a box directly behind home plate and handed the bills to his wife.
(f) The Bethlehem Steel League and Delaware River Ship League teams of the Harlan plant played under assumed names when Cramps failed to appear for a regularly scheduled game. Joe's team went by the assumed name of "Pets" and the team they played went by the assumed name of the "Gallopers".

1918 Harlan Shipbuilders
Joe JacksonCF
Otto WagnerLF
Johnny CarlinSS
George KapshawC
Ed GharrityRF
Gus Getz2B
George DumontP
Joe BriscoeP
Zinn Beck3B
Rusty Walters3B
Harry Biemiller1B
Ray JordanP
Leo Dressen1B
Bird LynnC
Johnny Cole2B
Lefty WilliamsP
Harry LakeC
Willie Martin2B
Rogers HornsbySS
Fred PayneManager and CF

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