1919 World Series Defensive Performance

Game 1
First Inning: -- Groh hit one to deep left center which Joe snagged.
Third Inning: -- Daubert rapped a long fly to Joe. Groh flied out to him as well.
Fourth Inning: -- Rath hit one over Weaver's head, which was fielded by Joe.
Eighth Inning: -- Neale singled to left.

Game 2
Third Inning: -- Rariden hits a high fly which Joe catches in left center field.
Fifth Inning: -- Rariden hits a shot down the left field foul line, Joe gets to the ball so quickly that Rariden is held to a single.
Sixth Inning: -- Neale larruped a lusty liner into left that scored Roush.

Game 3
Sixth Inning: -- Daubert hits a fly ball straight to Joe for an easy out.

Game 4
First Inning: -- Rath shot one over Weaver's head for a clean single, Jackson gathered in the ball.
Second Inning: -- Roush flies to Joe in left field.
Fourth Inning: -- Rath lined out to Jackson.
Fifth Inning: -- Kopf hits a single to left, Duncan rounds third, Joe makes a throw in the direction of home plate and Cicotte deflects the ball out of Schalk's reach allowing Duncan to score. Neale hits a curve ball over Joe's head in left.
Ninth Inning: -- Daubert hits one on a line to left, but Joe gets under it for a great catch.

Game 5
Fourth Inning: -- Duncan flies to Jackson and leaves Roush stranded at second.
Sixth Inning: -- Eller hit into a fast one, sending it to left center and neither Jackson nor Felsch could get to it. Felsch made the throw back in, which was high to Risberg allowing Eller to reach third. Duncan sacrifices to Jackson, Joe makes a very good throw to the plate, which might have beat Edd Roush trying to score on the play. The ball took a bound and was then fumbled by catcher Bird Lynn.
Eighth Inning: -- Rath flies to Jackson.

Game 6
Fourth Inning: -- Daubert hits a short fly to Joe, which Rath on third tries to score on. Joe's throw is on the money to Schalk and Rath is doubled at the plate.
Seventh Inning: -- Rath opens the inning with a single to left, which Joe attempts unsuccessfully to make a shoestring catch and goes sprawling on his face.
Eighth: -- Neale singled to left.

Game 7
Fifth Inning: -- Kopf flies to Joe in short left field. Neale singled to left.
Sixth Inning: -- Groh crashed the ball back of the temporary railing in left field for a double under the ground rules (VHOF Note:Jackson did not have a chance at this one, but we included it because it was hit to left field).
Eighth Inning: -- Groh lined to Jackson in deep left.
Ninth Inning: -- Neale flies out to Jackson in left.

Game 8
First Inning: -- Duncan thumped a double over Weaver's head into left field.
Second Inning: -- Daubert lined a fly into Jackson's hands in left. Roush doubled off Jackson's glove to the railing in left center, scoring Groh.
Eighth Inning: -- Rariden singled to Joe in left, Joe tried unsuccessfully to throw out Roush at the plate.
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