Bastrop, LA (1923)
Statistics compiled by Mike Nola for the Virtual Hall of Fame.

Batting Statistics
Bastrop - Opponent
Haynesville, LA36Tuesday June 12, 1923CF4010000.250
Haynesville, LA71Wednesday June 13, 1923CF4120000.500
Haynesville, LA15Thursday June 14, 1923CF4000000.000
Rayville, LA85Friday June 15, 1923CF4220000.500
Rayville, LA122Saturday June 16, 1923CF------N/A
Rayville, LA01Sunday June 17, 1923CF------N/A
@ Alexandria, LA32Wednesday June 20, 1923CF3111000.333
@ Alexandria, LA100Thursday June 21, 1923CF5232000.600
(a)@ Glenmora, LA50Friday June 22, 1923CF2200000.000
(b)@ Glenmora, LA02Saturday June 23, 1923CF------N/A
@ Homer, LA54Monday July 2, 1923CF3101000.000
Homer, LA31Friday July 6, 1923CF511---0.250
Homer, LA21Sunday July 8, 1923CF------N/A
Homer, LA10Sunday July 8, 1923CF------N/A
@ Homer, LA32Saturday July 14, 1923CF4121000.500
@ Homer, LA52Sunday July 15, 1923CF3215000.333
@ Homer, LA30Sunday July 15, 1923CF2123001.000
Season TotalsWon 13Lost 446141513000.326

-- No box scores were available in the local newspaper for these days.
(a) Joe hit by pitch twice during this game.
(b) Joe did not play in this game.
4 games were scheduled with the Rayville, LA team July 9 - 12, but Rayville canceled those games at the last minute. I believe this happened because they found out that the player named Joe Johnson was in fact, Joe Jackson. All the papers in the area reported on July 11, 1923 that Joe was playing for Bastrop.

1923 Bastrop Morehouse Sluggers
Joe Jackson (Joe appeared in the line-up as Joe Johnson)CF
George Brannan1B
Johnny LindseySS
Early Hall3B
Verdo ElmoreLF
Bill Nolan2B
Bill Williams3B
Polly DurenC
Red HallmanP
Lefty WingardP
Moore (By all indications, this was in fact former White Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte)P

NOTE: Joe left Bastrop around July 16th headed for Americus, GA. He played his first game with Americus on Friday July 20, 1923. Serveral days after he arrived in Americus, he sent for his Bastrop teammates to join him. The Bastrop paper reported that almost to the man every member of the Bastrop team left and went to play for Joe in Americus. The Bastrop paper continued to follow the Americus team, calling them "the Bastrop team playing in Americus, GA."
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