Waycross, GA (1924)
Statistics compiled by Mike Nola for the Virtual Hall of Fame.

Batting Statistics
Waycross - Opponent
@ Valdosta, GA21Friday July 4, 1924CF3010000.333
@ Valdosta, GA45Friday July 4, 1924CF3010000.333
St.Augustine, FL152Saturday July 5, 1924CF3222000.667
St.Augustine, FL71Saturday July 5, 1924CF3121000.667
Williston, FL210Wednesday July 9, 1924CF4411000.250
@ Macon, GA72Friday July 11, 1924CF4120000.500
@ Macon, GA54Saturday July 12, 1924CF4212000.250
@ Macon, GA42Monday July 14, 1924CF3110000.333
(a) Jacksonville, FL130Thursday July 17, 1924--------------N/A
(a) Jacksonville, FL191Friday July 18, 1924--------------N/A
Savannah, GA73Saturday July 19, 1924CF2221001.000
Jacksonville, FL90Thursday July 24, 1924CF3112000.333
Jacksonville, FL21Friday July 25, 1924CF3001000.000
@ Valdosta All Stars52Wednesday July 30, 1924CF3020000.667
@ Valdosta All Stars06Thursday July 31, 1924CF3020000.667
Montgomery, AL200Friday August 1, 1924CF6253000.833
Montgomery, AL54Saturday August 2, 1924CF4112000.250
(b) Macon, GA82Monday August 4, 1924CF4130000.750
(h) @ Marietta, GA35Tuesday August 5, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) @ Marietta, GA25Wednesday August 6, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) @ Marietta, GA12Thursday August 7, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) @ Marietta, GA413Friday August 8, 1924CF------------N/A
Savannah, GA91Saturday August 9, 1924CF5122010.400
(c) Valdosta, GA118Wednesday August 13, 1924CF4020000.500
(d), (e) Marietta, GA54Thursday August 14, 1924CF2122001.000
(d), (e) Marietta, GA30Friday August 15, 1924CF4001000.000
(d), (e) Marietta, GA25Saturday August 16, 1924CF3000100.000
(e) Marietta, GA65Monday August 18, 1924CF3014000.333
(e) Marietta, GA61Tuesday August 19, 1924CF3203000.000
(e) Marietta, GA53Wednesday August 20, 1924CF4122000.500
(f) @ Thomasville, GA70Thursday August 21, 1924CF5130000.600
@ Thomasville, GA63Friday August 22, 1924CF4222010.500
Macon, GA156Saturday August 23, 1924CF4231000.750
@ Quincy, FL12Monday August 25, 1924CF------------N/A
@ Quincy, FL42Tuesday August 26, 1924CF------------N/A
Valdosta, GA70Wednesday August 27, 1924CF------------N/A
Valdosta, GA113Thursday August 28, 1924CF3333001.000
@ Montgomery, AL103Sunday August 31, 1924CF4120000.500
@ Montgomery, AL52Sunday August 31, 1924CF4020000.500
Valdosta, GA44Monday September 1, 1924CF------------N/A
Valdosta, GA102Monday September 1, 1924CF------------N/A
(g) Opelika611Tuesday September 2, 1924CF------------N/A
(g) Opelika13Wednesday September 3, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) @ Marietta, GA49Thursday September 4, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) @ Marietta, GA72Friday September 5, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) @ Marietta, GA53Saturday September 6, 1924CF4133100.750
@ Tate, GA23Monday September 8, 1924CF------------N/A
@ Tate, GA012Tuesday September 9, 1924CF------------N/A
@ Tate, GA37Wednesday September 10, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) Marietta, GA34Thursday September 11, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) Marietta, GA117Friday September 12, 1924CF------------N/A
(e) Marietta, GA84Saturday September 13, 1924CF5233000.600
Season TotalsWon 36Lost 15Tied 12093410141----0.483

-- No box scores were available in the Waycross newspaper for these days.
(a) Joe did not play against Jacksonville on July 17th and 18th, 1924.
(b) The game against Macon on August 4, 1924 was played in Americus, GA.
(c) The game against Valdosta on August 13, 1924 was played in Americus, GA.
(d) The games played against Marietta on August 14, 15, 16, 1924 were played in Albany, GA and represented the first part of the Georgia Little World Series.
(e) These games were considered to be part of the Georgia Little World Series which consisted of 15 games played against Marietta, GA. Waycross won the Series 9 games to 6 and won the 1924 Georgia Little World Series.
(f) Taylor, pitching for the Waycross team on August 21, 1924 pitched a no hit shut out against the Thomasville, GA team.
(g) The games played against Opelika on September 2, 3, 1924 where played in Athen, GA since the majority of the Opelika team consisted of players from the University of Georgia.
(h) This game against Marietta was played in Cartersville, GA and was not considered to be part of the Georgia Little World Series.

1924 Waycross Coast Liners
Dago AllenP------
Joe JacksonCF - Manager2091010.483
Lefty GrossP85250.294
Billy WynnUtility------
Lonnie Singleton1b - Outfield251870.338
Bugs EryP81180.222
Jessie Lackey2B------
Leonard HuntSS290970.334
Joe Gonzales3B3651000.271
Cotton RiddleLF------
Skinny WattsP------
Lefty StewartP61210.344
Frank "Skipper" HunnicuttSS------
Ellis TaylorP53110.208
Othar "Boilermaker" AlfordC172530.308
C. GriffinLF------
Elmo HartP------
Horace LongP - OF231840.364
Ike Thrasher2B180800.445

VHOF Note 1: Joe had 8 homeruns for the 1924 season.
VHOF Note 2: We could only find batting statistics for those players who were members of the team at the end of the season.
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