Waycross, GA (1925)
Statistics compiled by Mike Nola for the Virtual Hall of Fame.

Batting Statistics (Pre Season)
Waycross - Opponent
Mercer University134Saturday March 21, 1925CF5142000.800
Mercer University93Friday March 27, 1925CF4223000.500
Douglas, GA83Monday March 30, 1925CF2012000.500
(a) @ Douglas, GA222Thursday April 2, 1925CF6453000.833
Pre-season TotalsWon 4Lost 0 1771210000.706
Batting Statistics (Regular Season)
Waycross - Opponent
(b) Jacksonville, FL91Saturday April 11, 1925CF5041000.800
Jacksonville, FL54Friday April 17, 1925CF4133000.750
Jacksonville, FL233Saturday April 18, 1925CF4121000.500
Jacksonville, FL66Saturday April 25, 1925CF4142011.000
(c) Macon, GA21Monday April 27, 1925CF4021000.500
(d) @ Jacksonville, FL153Tuesday April 28, 1925CF5115000.200
@ Jacksonville, FL113Wednesday April 29, 1925CF3333001.000
@ Jesup, GA133Thursday April 30, 1925CF4341001.000
(e) @ Jesup, GA87Friday May 1, 1925CF - P2111100.500
@ St.Augustine, FL25Saturday May 2, 1925CF3010000.333
@ St.Augustine, FL101Saturday May 2, 1925CF3310100.333
@ Laurens, SC36Friday May 8, 1925CF3023100.667
@ Laurens, SC93Saturday May 9, 1925CF4125110.500
@ Union, SC21Tuesday May 12, 1925CF4112000.250
@ Greenwood, SC57Wednesday May 13, 1925CF3124000.667
@ Greenwood, SC69Thursday May 14, 1925CF4223100.500
@ Anderson, SC24Friday May 15, 1925CF4011010.250
@ Anderson, SC515Saturday May 16, 1925CF4120000.500
@ Parris Island, SC56Monday May 18, 1925CF4000000.000
@ Parris Island, SC43Tuesday May 19, 1925CF------------N/A
@ Parris Island, SC102Wednesday May 20, 1925CF3010000.333
Savannah Stars140Thursday May 21, 1925CF2110000.500
Jacksonville, FL24Friday May 22, 1925CF1000000.000
Jacksonville, FL26Saturday May 23, 1925CF2003000.000
(f) Savannah, GA17Monday May 25, 1925CF3110000.333
(f) Savannah, GA213Tuesday May 26, 1925CF------------N/A
(f) Savannah, GA72Wednesday May 27, 1925CF3112000.333
Parris Island, SC153Thursday May 28, 1925CF5331000.600
Parris Island, SC104Friday May 29, 1925CF4123000.500
Parris Island, SC62Saturday May 30, 1925CF3321000.667
Charleston, SC111Friday June 5, 1925CF4112000.250
@ Montgomery, AL60Saturday June 6, 1925CF4021000.500
@ Montgomery, AL16Saturday June 6, 1925CF3012000.333
Montgomery, AL100Thursday June 11, 1925CF4130000.750
Montgomery, AL84Friday June 12, 1925CF3225000.667
(g) Montgomery, AL54Saturday June 13, 1925--------------N/A
Jacksonville, FL115Tuesday June 16, 1925CF5342000.800
Jacksonville, FL31Wednesday June 17, 1925CF3115000.333
@ Macon, GA1511Thursday June 18, 1925CF5413000.200
@ Macon, GA115Friday June 19, 1925CF5232000.600
@ Macon, GA510Saturday June 20, 1925CF------------N/A
(h) Macon, GA87Monday June 22, 1925CF------------N/A
(h) Macon, GA711Tuesday June 23, 1925CF------------N/A
Macon, GA41Thursday June 25, 1925CF2012000.500
Macon, GA40Saturday June 27, 1925CF3120000.667
(i) Parris Island, SC80Thursday July 2, 1925CF5010000.200
Parris Island, SC142Friday July 3, 1925CF4232000.750
Parris Island, SC83Saturday July 4, 1925CF2200000.000
Parris Island, SC70Saturday July 4, 1925CF4220000.500
(j) Parris Island, SC03Tuesday July 7, 1925CF3020000.667
@ Thomasville, GA02Wednesday July 8, 1925CF3010000.333
@ Thomasville, GA21Thursday July 9, 1925CF2000000.000
@ Thomasville, GA71Friday July 10, 1925CF2110000.500
Jacksonville, FL157Saturday July 11, 1925CF5110000.200
@ Dillion, SC53Monday July 13, 1925CF------------N/A
@ Dillion, SC60Tuesday July 14, 1925CF501------0.200
@ Dillion, SC53Wednesday July 15, 1925CF400------0.000
@ Parris Island, SC183Tuesday July 21, 1925CF------------N/A
Thomasville, GA91Thursday July 23, 1925CF4230000.750
Thomasville, GA132Friday July 24, 1925CF2110000.500
(k) Thomasville, GA27Saturday July 25, 1925CF3031001.000
(l) Macon, GA86Monday July 27, 1925CF3220000.667
(l) Macon, GA1810Tuesday July 28, 1925CF3220000.667
(l) Macon, GA135Thursday July 30, 1925CF2120001.000
@ Columbus, GA42Friday July 31, 1925CF3120000.667
Columbus, GA34Saturday August 1, 1925CF3110000.333
@ Tallahassee, FL145Wednesday August 12, 1925CF5231000.600
@ Tallahassee, FL73Thursday August 13, 1925CF4120000.500
@ Tallahassee, FL73Friday August 14, 1925CF------------N/A
@ Tallahassee, FL510Saturday August 15, 1925CF------------N/A
@ Okeechobee, FL95Tuesday August 18, 1925CF4110000.250
@ Okeechobee, FL71Wednesday August 19, 1925CF------------N/A
@ Okeechobee, FL107Thursday August 20, 1925CF4224000.500
@ Okeechobee, FL83Friday August 21, 1925CF------------N/A
(m) @ Lake Worth, FL44Saturday August 22, 1925CF------------N/A
Thomasville, GA1413Monday August 24, 1925CF5324100.500
Thomasville, GA171Tuesday August 25, 1925CF4340001.000
Thomasville, GA35Wednesday August 26, 1925CF5030000.600
Thomasville, GA67Thursday August 27, 1925CF2120001.000
(n) Thomasville, GA44Friday August 28, 1925CF0000000.000
(o) Thomasville, GA82Saturday August 29, 1925------------ --N/A
Season TotalsWon 59Lost 19Tied 3------------N/A

-- No box scores were available in the Waycross newspaper for these days.
(a) Joe switched sides in this game and played several innings for the Douglas, GA team. He helped them to score the two runs they got against Waycross that day.
(b) Game called on account of darkness.
(c) Game contested on a squeeze called by Jackson in the nineth inning to win the game, but umpire McFarlin called Singleton out at the plate and the call was contested by Jackson.
(d) Joe had a cold and did not play.
(e) Joe pitched 1 1-3 innings giving up 3 hits, had 1 strikeout and 1 wild pitch. The paper reported that Joe was showing the fans a very nice curve ball and a sizzling fastball.
(f) Games played in Statesboro, GA.
(g) Joe did not play in this game as he was called home to Greenville, SC on account of the death of Katie's brother.
(h) Games played in Dublin, GA.
(i) Brown Mule Smith pitched a no-hitter against the Parris Island Marines squad.
(j) Game played in Dillion, SC.
(k) Game played in Moultrie, GA.
(l) Games played in Americus, GA.
(m) Game called on account of darkness with the score tied 4 to 4.
(n) Joe only played a half an inning in this game.
(o) Joe was sick and did not play in this game.

1925 Waycross Coast Liners
Joe JacksonCF - Manager
Billy WynnUtility
Lonnie Singleton1b - Outfield
"Brown Mule" SmithP
James Clyde "Lefty" SurrattP
Thomas Arthur HardyC
Joe Gonzales3B
Jimmy BarbareSS - RF
Henry "Dutch" KonnemanP
Harry McCall2B
Frank "Skipper" HunnicuttSS
Joe CorsettP
Horace WigginsUtility
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