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The information on this site was obtained through 27 plus years of researching Joe Jackson. Most of the information was acquired from newspaper accounts of the day. We read all the accounts of all the main newspapers in the towns and cities where Joe played ball. The main sources were the Cleveland Plain Dealer (1910 - 1915), The Chicago Tribune (1915 - 1921), The Greenville News (various years until Joe's death). The newspapers along with the sources listed below were invaluable to the production of the web site, however talking with the friends and family of Joe Jackson gave us the insight into the man that no other sources could. We would also like to thank the many visitors we have had since early 1995 that have written us with a special Joe Jackson story. Stories about how generous Joe was, how kind he was, or that he taught them to play baseball when they were kids. The story from a man that grew up in Greenville about Joe buying his basketball team the much needed uniforms that they could not afford.

The newspapers are great and the books gave us background information, but it's the stories that motivate us to continue with this effort for Joe Jackson. The stories let us know what kind of person Joe really was, the stories tell us this man could in no way have been part of the fixing of the 1919 World Series. We urge you to write to us and tell us your Joe Jackson stories, they really help us to make the site what it is and should be. Thanks for allowing us to share Joe Jackson with you and we hope you continue to visit us.

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