Joe Jackson Related Links
Shoeless Joe Jackson - Curtis Management's Official Site - This site is run by the folks that handle the Estate of Shoeless Joe Jackson, please give these folks a visit. Curtis Management Group World Wide handles numerous movie stars, sports figures and other famous people.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library - This is the official web site for the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library. The Museum is located in Greenville, SC and contains artifacts, photos and memorabilia related to Joe Jackson. The Museum is located at 356 Field Street and is in the former home of Joe Jackson. Visit the site for more information about hours of operation.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Times - This publication is devoted entirely to Joe Jackson and was published quarterly by Trevor Kramer. Trevor no longer publishes the Shoeless Joe Jackson Times....but we house the archives here at the Virtual Hall of Fame so that our visitors may read his fine work.

Buck Weaver - The Ginger Kid - This site is devoted to the memory of the great White Sox third baseman Buck Weaver, who along with Joe was railroaded out of baseball for no reason other than he had guilty knowledge of the fix......surely not an offense worthy of banishment past life.

Clear Buck - Dr. David Fletcher's web site devoted to clearing Buck Weaver's name from Major League Baseball's Ineligible List.

Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society - Since Joe started his career with the Athletics, we think it only appropriate to link to the Philadelphia A's Historical Society web site.

Field of Dreams Movie Site - This page also has all the information about the Real Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. This page also has all the information on the field, events at the field, the Ghost Players schedule, and Field of Dreams merchandise.

Field of Dreams Sound Page - This page has WAV files from the Field of Dreams movie.

National Baseball Hall of Fame - This is the National Baseball Hall of Fame, (where by the way Joe should be) in Cooperstown,NY. Very nice place to visit on the web and I plan on visiting in person when they elect Joe to the Hall.

Louisville Slugger Online - These are the people that made all of Joe's bats during his playing days, they also make the reproduction of Joe's famous black bat, available through Long Gone Collectibles. This is a excellent site for baseball history buffs and they also have excellent links to other baseball sites.

The Animals of Section B - Not a Joe Jackson site, but a site devoted to the BEST baseball fans in the world. The Animals of Section B (of which, we're a member in good standing) are diehard fans of Florida State University baseball.

The Official Don Mattingly Website - This is a great shrine to a great Yankee player---- Don Mattingly, besides Don was the guy in the Nike commercial a few years back that said "I believe that if Shoeless Joe Jackson was playing baseball today......he'd have a shoe contract". Don has been a favorite of mine every since!!!!!

The Baseball Collection - This site has information on Joe, including a "Remove Charles Comiskey From The Baseball Hall of Fame" section.

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