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The Glove Collector      1-972-699-1808

Joe Jackson Model Nokona G-42 baseball glove.

If you have ever wanted to own a glove like Shoeless Joe used this is your chance. Joe Phillips and the Glove Collector along with Nokona Athletic Goods Company have out done themselves in reproducing the Model G-42 which was made by Nokona from 1940 until 1952 shortly after Joe passed away. The Glove Collector carries several other old style gloves. Call Joe and ask for their catalog and tell him you saw it here. The Joe Jackson Model Glove is priced at $139.95, just in case you want to order it now. These gloves are custom made, please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

King Of The Road Music      1-207-947-3525

Sports Songs and Beyond.

Sports Songs and Beyond is the second CD album of the team of Joe Pickering Jr. Songwriter and Phil Coley music arranger, producer, musician and singer. The first was the CD Baseball Songs Sports Heroes. Songs from this album played in an HBO Movie, the Fox Network and many other TV and radio shows. It is now included in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Sound Library. It has found a special place in Americana. Sport Songs and Beyond promises to be no less successful. Phil Coley ranges far and wide with his magical music and velvet voice. The lyric writing of Joe Pickering Jr. touches the heart with every one of the songs. Joe writes or co-writes all of the songs. With their wonderful songwriting talents,George La Flame, Joe Terry, and Eugene Wellman join Joe in co-writing a total of 4 of these songs.

There is a wide variety of songs on this CD. It is astonishing. Of the 24 songs, ten songs areabout baseball teams such as the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, and Champion Boston Red Sox (you all remember last year's Pennant and World Series don't you?) as well as baseball figures, heroes and historical events, such as Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson, George Buck Weaver and one of the greatest female pitchers of all time Jackie Mitchell. The CD includes two football songs one about the World Champion New England Patriots, one song about all the professional sports teams in Philadelphia and even a baseball song about baseball returning to Washington DC.

Reproduction baseball uniforms.

Ebbets Field Fannels
1932 Greenville Spinners jersey (front view)
1932 Greenville Spinners jersey (back view)

Ebbets Field Fannels has re-created Joe's 1932 Greenville Spinners jersey and you can get it customized with both Joe's numbers for that season. He started off the season wearing number 5, but that jersey was stolen after the first few games with the team on a road trip to Columbia, SC. He was then issued the number 12 jersey, which he wore for the remainder of his time with the Spinners.

Order The 1932 Greenville Spinners Jersey Now

Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co.
     Retail store:
     1318 Chestnut Street
     Philadelphia, PA 19107

     On-line catalog:
     To place an order: (267) 765-0663
     For retail store: (267) 765-0613

These guys carry reproduction baseball uniforms and these are the best we've ever seen. We collect game worn jerseys and know the business and when we tell you these guys have done their homework you can take it to the bank. They make the turn back the clock uniforms for the Major Leagues and have done most of the vintage uniforms you have seen in movies such as "Field of Dreams", Eight Men Out" and "The Babe". They make the complete uniform if you're interested, cap, pants and jersey.
Listed below are some reproduction White Sox jersey's that cover Joe's playing days:

1917White Sox home jersey$235.00
1917White Sox road jersey$225.00
1917White Sox World Series jersey$250.00
1919White Sox home jersey$225.00
1919White Sox road jersey (currently out of stock)$225.00

They also offer other jerseys from the early 1900's - 1989. Call them today for more information on all the uniforms they make....... Tell them the guys at Shoeless Joe Jackson's Virtual Hall of Fame sent you.

Shoeless Joe Jackson / Brandon Mill Village Poster

The typical "Shoeless Joe" Jackson fan can readily recite Jackson's baseball statistics, has seen "Field of Dreams," wants Jackson's name to be cleared in that most unfortunate baseball scandal, and collects plenty of Jackson baseball memorabilia.

One such collectible, available only through the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA) of Greenville, SC, is our poster (28" x 20") featuring an artistic impression of "Shoeless Joe" and other historic landmarks in the Brandon mill village where his passion for baseball was born. The back of the poster includes an historic account of Jackson's childhood, his phenomenal baseball career, and the mill village.

Front of poster
Back of poster

Cost is only $12 per poster plus an additional $3 for shipping. US sales only.

Send orders along with payment to:
GCRA Posters
301 University Ridge, Suite 2500
Greenville, SC 29601

Posters are mailed within 1 week.

GCRA targeted Joe Jackson's community for major neighborhood redevelopment in 1978 and continues to improve the standard of living for other area communities.

Shoeless Joe Jackson CD

Featuring the song, "Shoeless Joe Jackson" written by Billy Goerdt for the first annual Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Tournament and Festival that was held July 4th 1999 in Dyersville, Iowa. Home of the Field of Dreams movie site.

Billy is a singer/songwriter living in Austin, Texas but originally from Dyersville. He combines Joe's love of the game and the interest of many to get him accepted back into baseball along with the mystical beauty of eastern Iowa's countryside. This 2 song compilation includes the track "Matt the Fiddlemaker."

Please send check or money order for $10 (includes shipping and handling) to;

Billy Goerdt
5712 Ave. G
Austin, TX 78752

For additional information;

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Shoeless Joe Fielders Glove

Shoeless Joe H Web Fielders Glove

Shoeless Joe 1925 Fielders Glove

Shoeless Joe 1949 Fielders Glove

Shoeless Joe Catchers Mitt

Shoeless Joe 1915 Catchers Mitt

Joe Jackson 8 X 10 Double Matted Photo

Joe Jackson 16 X 20 Poster Print

Joe Jackson Framed 7 X 9 Photo

Joe Jackson 10 X 14 Poster

Joe Jackson / Babe Ruth Plaque

Joe Jackson Selz Shoes Metal Sign

Joe Jackson 1933 Goudey Style Red Baseball Card

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