Order A Joe Jackson Model Baseball Bat
Joe Jackson Model Baseball Bat
Joe Jackson Model Baseball Bat
This baseball bat is made by Louisville Slugger to Joe's exact playing specifications. This particular model bat has not been made since Joe's playing days. The bat comes with the Louisville Slugger brand, along with Joe's trademark signature on the barrel of the bat. The bats are 36 inches long and weigh appx. 39 ounces (Joe's game bats where 36 inches long and weighed 38 and three quarter ounces). If you have ever wanted to own a game used Joe Jackson bat, but couldn't afford the $100,000.00 plus price tag, here's your chance. Each bat comes with a certificate of limited production (only 500 produced) and a copy of a letter sent to Joe in 1915 from Louisville Slugger informing him that the 3 bats he ordered had been shipped...a very nice piece to display with your bat. These bats are priced at just $210.00 plus shipping and handling, which is calculated based on the country it is shipped to. Simply choose the country the bat is being shipped to and that shipping rate will be added to your total.
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