Joe Jackson Photos - His House (2005)

Looking Out Front Door This is the view Joe would have had when greeting someone knocking at his door.

Entrance To Living Room This is a shot of the entrance way from Joe's front door into his living room. Photo taken from Trophy Room door looking back into living room.

Living Room This is the spot where Joe spent a lot of time in later years. He had a chair just to the right of the fireplace in this photo and that is where Joe could be found in the evenings after work.

Living Room And Entrance To Trophy Room This photo is taken from just inside the entrance to the living room....looking back at the entrance to Joe's Trophy Room.

Joe's Fireplace We're sure this kept Joe and Katie warm on cold South Carolina nights.

Desk Area Of Trophy Room When Joe was living, this was the area where his desk was.

Trophy Shelves Imagine if you will....when Joe lived here, this is where the shelves were located that housed his many trophies. This photo doesn't show it, but you can actually see the original nail holes from those shelves.

Wall In Trophy Room Just a wall in Joe's Trophy Room.

Where Black Betsy Once Stood This is where one would have found "Black Betsy" leaning against Joe's desk and the wall.

The View Of The Trophy Room From Behind Joe's Desk This is the view Joe would have had from behind his desk looking at the rest of the trophy room. The window in this photo is at the front of the house.

Entrance Into Dining Area This shot was taken from the living room looking into the dining area of the house. The entrance to Joe's Trophy Room is seen on the right of this photo.

Kitchen Sink And Countertop This photo shows the kitchen sink area of Joe's house. The window in this photos overlooked the backyard.

Full Shot Of The Kitchen Sink Area A full shot of the kitchen sink area of Joe's kitchen.

Back Door Area This is the back door to Joe's house which is located in the kitchen area of the house. The kitchen sink above is located just to the right in this photo.

Wall By Back Door This is the wall by the back door of Joe's house. The door is to the right in this photo.

Spare Bedroom This is the spare bedroom in JOe's house.

Another Shot Of The Spare Bedroom This photo shows the window in the spare bedroom, which overlooked the back yard.

Bathroom This photos shows Joe's bathroom, which was located between the spare bedroom and Joe's room.

Another View Of The Bathroom This is a more wide angle shot of the bathroom.

Sink In The Bathroom This is the sink in Joe's bathroom.

Tub In The Bathroom Uh....the tub in Joe's bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror These photos are getting hard to describe.......uh....the mirror in Joe's bathroom........

Joe's Bedroom This photo was taken in Joe's bedroom.

Another Shot Of Joe's Bedroom This is the room where Joe Jackson must have spent many a night wondering what could have's also the room where he died on Wednesday December 5th, 1951.

Yet Another Shot Of Joe's Room This shot shows the two windows that faced the front yard of Joe's house.

Closet In Joe's Bedroom This shot shows the closet in Joe's bedroom. We guess this puts to rest the yarn that Joe had hundreds of shoes in his closet to compensate for his nickname "Shoeless Joe".....not sure you could fit 20 pairs of shoes in this closet.....much less hundreds.

Looking Into The Hall From Joe's Bedroom This shot was taking from inside Joe's bedroom looking out into the hall.

Looking Into Hall From Living Room This shot was taken from the living room looking into the hall. Joe's bedroom was to the left off this hall entrance and the bathroom is straight ahead in this shot.

Another Shot Of the Fireplace/Living Room Just another shot of the fireplace and living room. Shot taken from front door area of house.

Back Door Looking In This shot is taken from the back of the house. This shot shows the view from outside looking into kitchen area of the house.

Back Of House Looking At Trophy Room This shot is from the back yard looking at the trophy room / dining area of the house. The window to the left is the window that was behind Joe's desk in the Trophy Room and the two windows to the right are in the dining area.

Outside Looking At Spare Bedroom Window This shot taken from Joe's backyard looking at the spare bedroom window area of the house.

Mike Nola On Front Steps Virtual Hall of Fame's Official Historian, Mike Nola sitting on the front steps of Joe's house, much like Joe did as evidenced by this photo

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