Joe Jackson Photos - Statue Dedication (July 13, 2002)

Mike Nola's Statue Dedication Speech - July 13, 2002

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 1 Close-up of the statue.

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 2 Same shot.....different angle.

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 3 Full view of statue from the side.

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 4 Full view of the statue from the front.

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 5 Full view......opposite side from Picture 3.

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 6 Still more..........

Joe Jackson Statue - Picture 7 A shot with the "Greenville's Goin' Shoeless" slogan in the background.

The Plaque At The Base Of The Statue This is the plaque at the base of the statue...and inside the fountain. The fountain is made from bricks from old Comiskey Park.......

Joe Jackson Statue - Rear View Rear view of the statue.

Joe Jackson Statue - Glove Shot Detail view of the glove stuffed in Joe's back pocket......

Joe Jackson Statue - Mike Nola VHOF boss Mike Nola stands in front of the statue.

Joe Jackson Statue - Banner Shot Another shot with the "Greenville's Goin' Shoeless" slogan in the background.

Joe Jackson Statue - Flowers Picture of statue from front with the dedication flowers present.

Joe Jackson Statue - Before Ceremony Picture of statue and plaza before dedication ceremony.

Virtual Hall of Fame Tent Our tent at the dedication ceremony.

Another Shot Of Virtual Hall of Fame Tent Another shot of our tent at the dedication ceremony.

Jackson Supporters Talk Joe Anders (center - white VHOF shirt), Tom Perry (author - to Joe's right), and Mac Kirkpatrick (back to camera) talk before the dedication.

Author Joe Thompson Joe Thompson's tent, where he sold copies of his book "Growing Up With Shoeless Joe" and talked with the many fans that dropped by.

Kate Anders Tent Kate and Joe Anders tent where t-shirt with Joe's picture on them were sold. The Anders were personal friends with Joe and Katie Jackson.....and dear friends of the Virtual Hall of Fame.

Mike Nola and Jo Lasorda Virtual Hall of Fame boss Mike Nola with Tommy Lasorda's wife Jo prior to the start of the dedication ceremony.

Close-up Shot Of Covered Statue Before Ceremony A close-up shot before the start of the dedication ceremony....the bricks surrounding the fountain are from Old Comiskey Park in Chicago.

MC Charlie Munson MC for the dedication ceremony Charlie Munson gets the show started.

Some Of The Crowd In Attendance A shot of some of the crowd in attendance at the dedication ceremony.

Greenville Mayor Knox White Greenville Mayor Knox White speaks to the crowd at the beginning of the ceremony.

Joe Jackson Plaza Sign The plaza where the statue stands is offically declared Joe Jackson Plaza and the sign unveiled.

Mike Nola Speaks To The Crowd The Virtual Hall of Fame's Mike Nola tells the crowd of the honors Joe received during his lifetime and up until the present day.

Another Shot Of Nola Nola told the crowd of the many honors Joe has received over the last 80 years. He also told the crowd that the biggest honor Joe probably received during his lifetime was his wife Katie.

One Last Shot Of Nola At The Microphone We're sure that some in attendance thought that Nola's laundry list of honors would go on for days......Lord knows we thought they would!!!.

Tommy Lasorda Speaks To The Crowd Tommy Lasorda spoke to the crowd in attendance, telling of the last visit he had with Ted Williams and of the fight that we must continue to carry for help get this great injustice corrected.

Anders Unveils Statue Joe Wade Anders, grandson of Joe Anders unveils the statue of Joe Jackson for the crowd.

The Statue Unveiled The statue moments after the unveiling........

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