Joe Jackson Test Number Three
Test your knowledge of facts related to Joe Jackson. This Quiz will be updated from time to time with all new questions, please check back for updates to this quiz.

1. In 1918 Joe left baseball and went to work in what profession to support the war effort?

Tank manufacturing.
Making Ammunition.
Went back to the textile mills of South Carolina.
Ship building.

2. What city did Joe live in during 1918 while supporting the war effort?

Greenville, SC.
Wilmington, DE.
Cleveland, OH.
Oklahoma City, OK.

3.Now that you know what Joe did and where he lived.......what was the name of the company he worked and played ball for during 1918?

Reading Steel Casting.
Harlan and Hollingsworth Company.
Bethlehem Steel.
Brandon Mill.
Cleveland Tool and Die.

4. In 1918 when Joe left Major League Baseball to support the war effort, he played on a company team, name the White Sox player that played on that team with him.

Lefty Williams
Happy Felsch
Buck Weaver
Byrd Lynn
None of the above.

5. What was Joe's batting average for the company he played for in 1918 while supporting the war effort?

None of the above.

6. Joe had a bulldog when he lived in Savannah, Georgia, what was his name?


7. Joe has the third highest lifetime batting average with a .356, name the two players with higher averages than Joe.

Ty Cobb and George Sisler
Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth
Hank Aaron and Rogers Hornsby
Tris Speaker and Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby
Pie Traynor and Ty Cobb

8. Joe is in the Greater Greenville Hall of Fame, The Pennsylvania Baseball Sports Hall of Fame and the Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame?


9. During the years that Joe played ball in Cleveland, what was his address?

7209 Lexington Ave.
3301 Prospect Street.
111 Ontario Street
2614 Old Columbus Road

10. What brand glove did Joe used for the majority of his Major League career?

D & M


While Joe lived in Chicago, he owned a business on the side.......what kind of business was it?

Landscaping company.
Liquor store.
Dry cleaners.
Pool hall.
Sporting goods store.

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