Joe Jackson Test Number Five
Test your knowledge of facts related to Joe Jackson. This Quiz will be updated from time to time with all new questions, please check back for updates to this quiz.

1. Where did Joe's Cleveland team hold Spring Training workouts in 1914?

Waco, Texas
Athens, Georgia
Birmingham, Alabama
Nashville, Tennessee

2. Who was Joe's lawyer for his 1924 Civil trial against Comiskey for backwages?

William J. Fallon
Hugo Friend
Thomas Nash
Ray Cannon

3.Who wrote the book "Growing Up With 'Shoeless Joe'"?

Donald Gropman
Harvey Frommer
Joe Thompson
W.P. Kinsella
David Fleitz

4. The neighborhood children presented what to Joe on his 54th birthday?

Replica of "Black Betsy"
His 1919 White Sox uniform
Autographed baseball from Greenville Spinners
Petition asking Major League Baseball to reinstate him
None of the above.

5. Joe ended his baseball career in 1937 with what team?

Victor Mills
None of the above.

6. On that same 1937 team, name a pitcher on that team that Joe was familiar with?

Jerry Jackson
Eddie Cicotte
Lefty Williams
Dickie Kerr

7. What was Joe Jackson greatest disappointment in life?

Being banned from baseball
Not being elected to the Hall of Fame
Playing in the 1919 World Series
Not having children of his own
Being traded from Cleveland in 1915

8. What was Joe Jackson's salary for the 1920 season?


9. When was the first newspaper account detailing the fix published?

September 27, 1920
October 28, 1919
September 29, 1920
December 16, 1919

10. What was the name of that newspaper that published the first details of the fix?

Chicago Tribune
New York Times
Chicago Daily
Philadelphia North American
Washington Post


In 1920, on the way to Spring Training, something of Joe's got lost....what was it?

His wallet
The family dog
A trunk containing all of Joe's baseball equipment
"Black Betsy", his favorite bat
The pocket watch given to him by the fans in 1919

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