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Subject: "Go to Fact and Opinion Guys Site For a Good LAUGH"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since Jun-4-03
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Jun-07-03, 04:53 PM (EST)
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"Go to Fact and Opinion Guys Site For a Good LAUGH"
LAST EDITED ON Jun-07-03 AT 05:17 PM (EST)
This guy is so smart i cant stop laughing at him.
I know Hollywood is strange but...this guy seriously needs to go to a
White Sox game and hand his posts out to everyone there so they also know,
what a brilliant mind he has. I'm sure they will tell him before they
throw him down the steps. Also, rest assured that the ninty six year old
sox fan who saw Mr.Jackson actually play baseball at Cominsky Park,
will proclaim this chumppy, PURE GENIUS!, right before, he whacks him
upside his head with his cane.
Now i'm sure said; chumppy....I mean genius, will not respond until
after he trys to read Chomsky for the 10th time, and try to figure out what the hell he's talking about. Also, heres another wrap to keep ya dancing. Dont come on these forums talking all your, high falooting, intellectual, flaming L.A., ##### eating bulls**t!

You wanna talk morals you S.O.B.? Go to the Orwell forums.
You smelling me now aint ya? Pitching ya high and tight now.
NP Bro! I knock chuppys like you out of the box, weekly, monthly, and yearly. How you like the "Shoeless Bastards'" forums now? I really enjoy listening to pseudo intellectuals/theoligist guys like you Spin. I can always pick your ilk right out in a crowd, you guys are always the ones kicking men right in their balls.
Your easy game for men like me, I got chunks of guys like you in my stool.
Now come on, You !KNOW! you can't front on that. This is what happens
when people like you s**t out of the mouth.
Karma Debt is what you got, you need to refinance.
Did i mention Orwell? Yup! Well I think we know what animal in the pen you are.

*Life is but a dream*

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