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Feb-11-03, 07:51 PM (EST)
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"The book"
   I have just finished THE 1919 WORLD SERIES, by William A. Cook. Without going into great detail, I get the drift that Mr. Cook thinks that there wasn't much of a scandal in 1919, he keeps referring to the "alleged" scandal. It is interesting to see that Cook takes Joe Jackson's side in his fielding performance. While others chide Joe, Cook thinks nothing was amiss in Joe's fielding. Cook cites the "conspiracy theorists" as an over-reacting bunch. Cook claims that the Reds would have won that Series, scandal or not, the Reds, he says, were a superior team. Cook even points out that Williams and Cicotte's pitching was nothing to be suspicious about. The interesting thing is that Cook blames Comiskey for the whole fiasco, and, Cook claims that Gleason could have stopped the whole thing by benching those whom he suspected of tanking the Series. Cook claims that the facts have been grossly distorted over the last 81 years. He even cites Ken Burns as making many mistakes in his BASEBALL documentary. I would be interested in the VHOF's take on this book.

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VHOF Staffadmin
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Feb-12-03, 08:14 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: The book"
In response to message #0
Well.....we actually liked the book....although there are some parts we do not agree with based on our research. We do, however, agree that the Red very well may have beaten the Sox anyway....the Reds had a pretty good pitching staff and their team as a whole stacked up very good against the Sox. Just because the Sox were said to have thrown that Series....all of the sudden they became the best team that ever was.....folks really need to look at the player by player breakdown....and it becomes pretty obvious that the Reds were no pushover...and they very well may have taken the Series anyway. All in all...we enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone trying to get another perspective on that Series.

-- VHOF Staff

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