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Dec-12-02, 12:42 PM (EST)
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"Please read about the changes to the Selig Letter on ou"
Folks, we have modified the Selig Letter to include the capability of sending the letter to Selig's Milwaukee Office as well. We would like to ask each visitor to send letters to both addresses. We have added a radio button for each address, with the default being the New York address.....simply fill out your address information, click the submit button....print out the letter...then click the BACK button on your browser and click the Milwaukee Office radio button...your name and address should still be in the address that point all you need to do is click on the submit button to generate the letter with the Milwaukee address. At this time we really need for everyone to send letters to both addresses....we need to let Selig know that this issue is important to fans of Major League Baseball.

-- VHOF Staff

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