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Subject: "Harry Grabiner's diary"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Member since Nov-14-02
29 posts
May-30-03, 10:13 PM (EST)
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"Harry Grabiner's diary"
   I know that Harry Grabiner kept a diary while working with Charles Comiskey, but does anyone know where it is to this day? One thing I have always wondered about....does anyone think the information in the diary, as it pertains to the Black Sox scandal, would go against or in favor of Joe Jackson??

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Mike Nolamoderator
Member since Oct-2-02
10 posts
Jun-03-03, 01:40 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Harry Grabiner's diary"
In response to message #0
LAST EDITED ON Jun-03-03 AT 01:40 PM (EST) you probably know....Grabiner's diary was found under the stands at old Comiskey Park by Bill Veeck sometime during the time that he owned the team....we believe it is still around...squirreled away with some collector (We have our ideas on where it is...but will not speak publicly about it). We do have several pages in our Pictures section of the site...but we're sure you've already seen those. It appears the book is being dismantled and sold in pieces.....since what we have on our site is from an auction held recently....there were serveral pages from Grabiner's diary in that auction. Again, it appears someone is dismantling the diary and selling it in pieces to make money...which is a shame.....since that is a very important piece of baseball history. From all indications....Grabiner makes reference to Comiskey knowing about the fix after the first game of the '19 Series.

-- Mike Nola

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