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Member since Jun-4-03
1 posts
Jun-04-03, 04:33 PM (EST)
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"To All"
First and foremost, I want to thank Mike for making a stand for whats' right, and a pretty damn good Website too!
I also want to thank you Mike for speaking with me this Tuesday past. ....I was the guy from Jersey, and i appreciate you spending
your time to talk with me.
Anyone who loves baseball needs to see this site. And I intend
to help in anyway I can.
On that note I want to say, in light of the news from Chicago
this Wednesday morning....*coughs*bats and cork involved*coughs*
It's another gray day for baseball. Now the pressure is on
Mr.Selig ....(I will not refer to as Comissioner at my disposal),
Whats worse? Antoher strike by the Players Union or Sammy corking
his bat? While the pundits spin on the Talk Shows everything from...
The Art of Corking a Baseball Big Mac Cork his Bats too? Next thing you know, George Will will be on Nightline talking about the texture of Wine Corks vs Whiskey Corks, and how the wine corks smell better.
And then most of all, we see all the Headlines,The bottom Fold of The
Philadephia Enquirer screams..."Say is aint Sosa Sammy!"
The Back Page of The Philadelphia Daily News blares "BUSTED" "Say it aint so Sammy!"

Now this phrase we are all familar with, "Say it aint so". Now this
phrase is familair to the entire world. And now is the time for all
fans of our National Sport to unite and speak out. Not about how Sammy
cheated at baseball, but how Joe Jackson was /Cheated/ BY baseball.
Now is the time Mr.Selig should act.
Save our dieing National sport.
Reinstate Joe Jackson and breathe fresh air into baseball.
Air that smells of fresh cut grass, cotton candy and roasted peanuts.
And the occasional wiff of the old man 2 rows down, smoking a cigar while he keeps his scorecard.
In this way we can pause and reflect, pause for a moment stop talking
about corked bats, and rookie pitchers throwing out their arms.
Pause and remember, someone once said "You have forgotten where you
came from, get back to your woods." I think he ment to say, respect
your elders. I took it as, respect the past.
Short of a rewrite of the Field of Dreams speech, I will close.
We should picket if we have to, maybe we get some attention now.

Warm Regards to all who spent a moment to read my Rant and Ramble..


*Life is but a dream*

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Mike Nolamoderator
Member since Oct-2-02
11 posts
Jun-05-03, 12:14 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: To All"
In response to message #0
Anthony, it was my pleasure to talk with you via phone on Tuesday came across the wire as a very knowledgable baseball fan....both from the perspective of the modern day game and that of Joe's era. I never mind talking to anyone about Joe, so contact us anytime......great post!! Hope to see more from you in the furture.....
Thanks for the kudos on our web's a labor of love shared by a lot of folks around here...and we hope it gets better with time. It has seen many great improvements since we first brought the site up in early 1995 and we have great plans to make it better with each update.........
take care my friend....and we have a JJ bat waiting for you!!

-- Mike Nola

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