Joe Jackson Model Baseball Bat
Joe Jackson Model Baseball Bat

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson TM Baseball Bat Offer

We are proud to offer an exact reproduction of Joe Jackson's game used Louisville Slugger baseball bat. The bats are $210.00 which includes shipping and handling. Each bat comes with a certificate of limited production (only 500 of these produced) and a copy of a letter from Louisville Slugger to Joe Jackson back in 1915, informing him that they had shipped three bats he ordered (This is a nice piece to display with your bat). The proceeds on the sale of these bats goes to help support the upkeep of the Virtual Hall of Fame and our efforts to have Joe's name cleared from Major League Baseball's Ineligible List.

We accept several methods of payment for these bats:

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2. (2CO) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by the Virtual Hall of Fame. (Order Below from
3. Personal Check or Money Order (made payable to Mike Nola).

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This is probably your last chance to own a genuine Joe Jackson model Louisville Slugger bat. When we deplete our inventory, that's it, there will be no more.

1. Full view of bat
2. Barrel of bat with signature
3. Louisville Slugger trademark brand
4. Three bats
5. Close-up of brand and signature

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