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"Cards Against a Wall, Memories of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Van Lingle Mungo and Bobo Newsom" celebrates the lives of three of the greatest names in baseball. They were not necessarily among the greatest players ever - but three with memorable names. And all three of them were from South Carolina.

This not-for-profit documentary is based on the award winning story written by Alex Sanders in 2010. Sanders was invited to read his story at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jackson, Mungo and Newsom all had very impressive careers in baseball and could have or should have made it into Cooperstown. But there's more to this story, it's not just about three ballplayers - it goes beyond that. It involves a liquor store, magician and a deck of cards, of course. You have to see it to believe it.

The film has been in production for the past year. Start-up money has taken care of traveling around the state (Timmonsville, Hartsville, Pageland, Greenville) meeting and interviewing the ballplayers' family and friends, historians, experts, curators. it was a joy to do this part.

We've relied on strong relationships with friends, fellow pros and students from all over. We still have a long way to go to complete "Cards" and this is where you come in and help! What we still need...

Need to rent vintage baseball uniforms/shipping
Rent venues for the baseball reenactments
Super 8 film stock and processing (for reenactments)
Rights for special photos and historical film footage
Post production animation
Closed Captioning for the film to air on SC-ETV
Premiers in Charleston and the ballplayers' home towns
Film Festival entry fees and hopefully travel to festivals

This is where you, the fans come in, you can help us fund this great documentary by donating whatever you can to the project, every little bit helps us. Please visit the donation site at: Cards Against The Wall Donation Site.

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