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The Key People Involved In The Fix? - Who were the key figures involved in the fixing of the 1919 World Series.
The Eight Men - The eight members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox alleged to have been involved in fixing the World Series.
1919 World Series Statistics - Summary statistics for the 1919 World Series.
1919 World Series Play By Play - Play by play accounts of each game of the 1919 World Series, we report, you decide!! We suggest you print these pages out, take three highlighters of different colors, say a yellow, pink, and a green. Highlight all the plays Joe is involved in with the green highlighter and then highlight all the plays that Eddie Collins (in yellow) and Ray Schalk (in pink) are involved in (supposely not in on the fix). After having done this it should be clear that even Collins and Schalk had plays that could be looked upon as suspect. While we do not believe, nor are we suggesting that Eddie Collins and Ray Schalk were in on a fix, we are saying that if you start suspecting someone of foul play you can read things into every action they make, that does not make a person guilty. This was baseball, in baseball you are going to have balls hit over your head, you are going to have balls hit out of your reach, you are going to fly out from time to time, as well as strike out. All these things happened to Collins, as well as Joe. Again, this does not make a man guilty of fixing games, it could simply just be baseball. We believe that Joe Jackson played his heart out and played to win. Once you take a detailed look, you might just agree with us.
Joe Jackson's Offensive Performance in the 1919 World Series - Inning by inning offensive performance numbers for Joe Jackson in the 1919 World Series.
Joe Jackson's Defensive Performance in the 1919 World Series - Listed here are all the plays (according to various play by play accounts) from the 1919 World Series in which Joe was involved in from a defensive standpoint.
The Mystery Of The Seven Triples Hit By The Cincinnati Reds - Here we solve the mystery of the seven triples hit by the Cincinnati Reds during the 1919 World Series. Most of those triples are often said to have been hit to Joe Jackson in left field. Check it out for yourself, actual play by play accounts of those 7 triples from the leading press publications of the The Sporting News, Cincinnati Times-Star, Cincinnati Enquirer, Reach Guide 1920, Spalding Guide 1920, NY Tribune, the Boston Evening Globe and the New York Times.
Joe Jackson's 1920 Grand Jury Testimony - Download the complete Cook County Grand Jury testimony as given by Joe Jackson on September 28, 1920. This is a PDF file format and you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader in which to view this file (File Size 44K).
Copy Of Original Grand Jury Testimony - This is a copy of the original Cook County Grand Jury testimony given by Joe Jackson on September 28, 1920. This is the same testimony that disappeared before the trial and re-appeared in the briefcase of the lawyer representing Charles Comiskey in Joe Jackson civil trial against Comiskey for back wages in 1924. This is a PDF file format and you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader in which to view this file (File Size 10Mb).
Collyer's Eye Newspaper Articles From 1919 - On this page you will find links to images of Collyer's Eye Newspaper. The Eye was a gambling/sporting newspaper which was published weekly in those days. Publisher, Bert Collyer reported on the rumors of the fix just days after the 1919 World Series ended. He named names when no other publisher / newspaper would and we thought our visitors might like to see what he had to say.
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